Messi said something special about Ronaldo after the 8th Ballon d’Or, Inter Miami warmly welcomed him

Lionel Messi showed great respect for Cristiano Ronaldo on the day he outstripped his great rival in the number of times he won the Golden Ball.

Haaland and Mbappe last season had performances that made everyone admire. Haaland is the current top scorer in the Premier League and C1 Cup , and Mbappe scored the most goals in the 2022 World Cup. However, that cannot help them surpass Messi in the race to win the 2023 Golden Ball.

Glory deserved for Messi
Glory deserved for Messi

Messi reached the milestone of winning the prestigious Golden Ball title 8 times in his career, 3 more Golden Balls than Ronaldo . A reporter questioned whether the race between Messi and Ronaldo had ended after the above achievement of “El Pulga”. The Argentine superstar responded with great respect for CR7:

“It’s a very attractive rivalry. Ronaldo is a good player and I think we bring benefits to each other. He and I always compete and Ronaldo wants to win against any opponent.

I think the past time has been good for us as well as the fans. What we have done is truly admirable because reaching the top is easy, staying there is difficult. 

We have been standing at the peak of glory for 10-15 years. It’s hard to stay on top at the moment. But I think Ronaldo and I had a great time, bringing beautiful memories to the fans.”

After winning the 2023 Golden Ball, Messi returned to Inter Miami Club. The entire team is currently on a break after not being able to make it into the MLS championship race. 

Even though they are on a break, Inter Miami players still enthusiastically organized the ceremony to welcome Messi’s 2023 Golden Ball. That made “El Pulga” happy. Through the social networking site, Inter Miami sent congratulations to Messi: “Welcome home the winner.”

Inter Miami players welcome Messi
Inter Miami players welcome Messi

Messi came to Inter Miami at a time when the club’s form was extremely up and down. However, since the arrival of the Argentine superstar, president David Beckham’s team has “transformed”. They even won the Leagues Cup championship.