WJPESO Fish Shooting – Exciting Money-Changing Adventures Under the Deep Ocean

WJPESO Fish Shooting is an engaging game that is regularly improved and enriched with new features. WJPESO will guide you on how to play effectively and win promotions worth up to 790 coins.

If you’re looking for something simple and feasible, give WJPESO’s fish shooting game a try. WJPESO’s fish shooting offers a variety of games for newcomers, such as Lucky Fishing, Fishing Master, and Fishing World. The game mechanics are straightforward and easy to join, requiring minimal skills to play in these markets.

WJPESO Fish Shooting – Guide to Winning Rewards in Fish Shooting

What is Online Fish Shooting?

Online fish shooting is a game where players use guns to hunt fish underwater. Each type of fish caught has a different reward value. The more fish you shoot, the more bonuses you receive.

In the past, fish shooting machines were popular in shopping centers and large supermarkets. Over time, these fish shooting machines have been replaced by newer, more modern games. However, this exciting game still has many enthusiasts.

This is also why game publishers have released many online fish shooting versions. This online play format is popular because it’s simple, saves travel costs, and allows players to participate anytime, anywhere.

WJPESO Fish Shooting inherits the outstanding advantages of fish shooting games. The platform regularly updates and offers many modern versions that you can play directly on your phone or computer. Additionally, the game features vibrant 3D graphics, enhancing the realism of the gameplay. To learn how to play WJPESO fish shooting, read this article by WJPESO, where our experts will answer all your questions.

The allure of WJPESO fish shooting game

  • Earning and withdrawing winnings from WJPESO’s online fish shooting game is very easy, especially when participating in a reputable platform like WJPESO. This allows you to quickly withdraw your bonus money to your account, giving you peace of mind after winning.
  • WJPESO offers numerous promotions and incentives for players. By participating in games here, especially fish shooting, you have the opportunity to win these rewards. Use them to receive even more bonuses.
  • All you need is a computer, laptop, or smartphone with an internet connection and stable WiFi to try your luck with the fish shooting game anytime, anywhere. What’s even better, the winning odds are high, and members can exchange their coins for cash.

With these WJPESO fish shooting reviews, we hope that you have gained some understanding of the promotional programs and exciting games available in the world of fish shooting.

How to Play WJPESO Fish Shooting

Many players are unsure how to play the WJPESO Fish Shooting game. Here, WJPESO will provide you with answers and a straightforward guide on how to play WJPESO Fish Shooting:

Step 1: Log in to your account

To play WJPESO, first, access the website through the provided link. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click “LOG IN” to access your WJPESO account.
  2. Select “Fish Shooting.”
  3. Choose “Fish Shooting to Redeem Rewards.”

If you don’t have an account yet, register with WJPESO to get started. New players at the casino can receive a promotion of 200 free shooting coins just by logging in for 7 consecutive days. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the game.

Step 2: Choose a Gaming Room

The WJPESO Fish Shooting version offers players access to four main rooms with different betting levels. Players can select one of the following rooms:

  1. Novice Zone
  2. Advanced Fishing
  3. Expert Mode
  4. Fortune’s Abyss (Players need a minimum of 10k coins)

First, select “Games” from the menu bar, then click on “Fishing World.” When you choose “Fishing World,” it will open a separate tab. This tab will require you to select the room you want to play in.

You can choose the “Newbie Room,” “Elite Room,” or “King Room.” If you’re a beginner, try the easier options. Select “Newbie Room” and click to play.

If you’re a new player, it’s a good idea to choose a room with low stakes or try playing for free.

The more fish and creatures you shoot, the more points you earn. Additionally, choose a suitable weapon for shooting. Each type of weapon has its own unique characteristics.

Step 3: Start Playing

The main page of the game features an underwater layout with corals and marine creatures swimming around. Additionally, you’ll come across objects like treasure chests and coins, but you should avoid shooting these objects.

After selecting the game room, you can begin playing for rewards. Click the (+) or (-) icons at point (5) to upgrade your weapon. Then, aim at your target (6).

Aim at the marine creatures and fish. Use the compass in the lower-left corner of the screen to aim your cannon at your target. Ensure that you can hit or explode your target to earn more points.

Each type of fish corresponds to a different reward level. Please refer to the reward chart below to choose the appropriate target.

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Experience Playing Online Fish Shooting at WJPESO

Players don’t need many tricks to play Fish Shooting. However, experience is essential for effective hunting. WJPESO will share some tips to help you play and win effectively.

Investing in a Weapon:

To shoot down more fish, players need to invest in suitable weapons.

For small fish, you only need to use simple weapons. However, when dealing with larger prey, you’ll need to increase your bet and upgrade your weapon to take down the target as quickly as possible.

Identifying Your Target:

Players must decide whether their target is a big or small fish and choose the appropriate weapon based on how they want to play at WJPESO. Once the target is identified, stick to it, avoiding greed-driven shots that lead to wasted bullets and time.

Focus on Your Prey:

In reality, focusing on your prey is a minimum requirement for earning money by shooting fish. However, this aiming method is not widely used, and many players find it challenging to defeat this type of prey. So, some players attack along the way and switch targets if it’s not effective.

Timing Your Attacks with Item Purchases:

One of the most effective ways to play the game is to purchase items and attack at the right moment. This method may come with a certain cost, but when used correctly, you can quickly attack larger prey and receive much larger rewards compared to your initial investment.

Aim for the Head of the Prey:

If you focus your shots on the head of the prey, the damage ratio increases significantly. Therefore, aim for the head whenever you have the chance to enhance effectiveness and reduce the prey’s escape probability.

Shoot Fish Right from the Start:

As soon as the fish appears, you should aim and follow your target. Only then can they survive. If you follow closely right from the start and shoot the fish, your chances of eliminating your target will increase, and you’ll earn more coins.

With the online fish shooting experience at WJPESO that the experts have outlined above, WJPESO hopes that you have gained valuable insights for yourself when participating in WJPESO Fish Shooting.

The Top 3 Hottest Games at WJPESO Fish Shooting

Cai Sheng Fishing

This game at WJPESO Fish Shooting is suitable for both professional fish shooters and newcomers looking to practice various skills. The game is divided into three different levels depending on your chosen bet amount.

Cai Sheng Fishing

Fishing King

Also known as Fishing Master, this game features vivid and eye-catching graphics and is developed by MD Online Corporation. Players can download WJPESO Fish Shooting to their mobile phones and participate anytime. The advantages of this game include:

Players can compete with multiple online opponents at once.

Powerful weapons with attractive prices.

Fishing King

Accurate shooting and auto-aim features allow you to relax your wrists while reaping fantastic rewards.

Eat Coins Fish Shooting

Helps players easily master the game, with Vietnamese language support to make it even more accessible. New players can start in the beginner’s room to get acquainted with the game. Once you’re comfortable, you can choose higher-level rooms with bigger rewards.

Eat Coins Fish Shooting


WJPESO Fish Shooting is an exciting game that helps relieve stress and provides an ideal opportunity for wealth building. WJPESO hopes that the information above helps you understand how to play and provides you with some tips to easily win this game, as well as how to enjoy promotions from the fish shooting game.

Join now to enjoy the WJPESO Fish Shooting Promotion today. If you don’t have an account yet, register to receive a 90k promotion in your account right away. Additionally, you can play various casino games, slots, and sports betting on this platform.