VCS Spring 2024 match schedule: Latest updated results

Join KKjili to take a look at the rankings and competition schedule of VCS spring 2024.

The latest VCS Spring 2024 rankings are the most accurate

TeamClassWinningWin rate
first⁠⁠Team Secret2 – 0100%
2⁠⁠GAM Esports2 – 0100%
3⁠⁠Team Flash1 – 150%
3⁠⁠MGN Blue Esports1 – 150%
3⁠⁠Team Whales1 – 150%
3⁠⁠Vikings Esports1 – 150%
7⁠⁠CERBERUS Esports0 – 20%
7⁠⁠Rainbow Warriors0 – 20%

VCS Spring 2024 match schedule: Latest updated and most accurate results

Week 1

January 2017:00VKE 0- 2 PhD
January 208:00 p.mMBE 2 -0 RW
January 2117:00TF 2 -0 CES
January 218:00 p.mTW 0- 2 GAM

Week 2

January 2517:00TW 2- 0 RW
January 258:00 p.mCES 0 -2 TS
January 2617:00MBE 0 -2 GAM
January 268:00 p.mTF 0- 2 VKE
January 2717:00TW 2 -1 PhD
January 278:00 p.mCES vs RW
January 2817:00TF vs GAM
January 288:00 p.mMBE vs VKE

Week 3

February 117:00VKE vs TW
February 18:00 p.mCES vs GAM
February 217:00MBE vs TF
February 28:00 p.mRW vs TS
February 317:00TW vs CES
February 38:00 p.mVKE vs GAM
February 417:00MBE vs PhD
February 48:00 p.mTF vs RW

Week 4

February 1717:00RW vs GAM
February 178:00 p.mMBE vs TW
February 1817:00VKE vs CES
February 188:00 p.mTF vs TS

Week 5

February 2217:00VKE vs RW
February 228:00 p.mMBE vs CES
February 2317:00TS vs GAM
February 238:00 p.mTF vs TW
February 2417:00MBE vs RW
February 248:00 p.mVKE vs TS
February 2517:00TW vs GAM
February 258:00 p.mTF vs CES

Week 6

February 2917:00TF vs VKE
February 298:00 p.mMBE vs GAM
March 117:00CES vs TS
March 18:00 p.mTW vs RW
March 217:00MBE vs VKE
March 28:00 p.mTF vs GAM
03/0317:00CES vs RW
03/038:00 p.mTW vs TS

Week 7

March 717:00VKE vs GAM
March 78:00 p.mTW vs CES
8.0317:00TF vs RW
8.038:00 p.mMBE vs PhD
March 917:00CES vs GAM
March 98:00 p.mMBE vs TF
March 1017:00RW vs TS
March 108:00 p.mVKE vs TW

Week 8

March 1417:00MBE vs TW
March 148:00 p.mVKE vs CES
March 1517:00TF vs TS
March 158:00 p.mRW vs GAM
March 1617:00MBE vs CES
March 168:00 p.mVKE vs RW
March 1717:00TF vs TW
March 178:00 p.mTS vs GAM

VCS spring 2024 competition format

VCS 2024 has no changes in format, the tournament is divided into 2 phases: group stage and playoffs. In the group stage, 8 teams will compete in a 2-round round robin. Matches take place in Bo3 format. The top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs.

In the playoffs round, the tournament applies a winner-loser format. The group winner will be able to choose their opponent (3rd or 4th place) in the winner’s bracket quarterfinals. Teams that lose in the playoffs will have one more chance in the loser’s bracket. The matches in the playoffs will take place in a Bo5 format.

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