Promotions: Slot Hundredfold Challenge Extra Bonus Up To ₱6,888!

Slot Hundredfold Challenge Extra Bonus Up To ₱6,888!

2023/10/13 23:00:00 – Long term

Strike Winnings in Slots & Get Extra Bonus Up To ₱6,888!

Promotion Details:

The minimum single bet ₱10 or above for slot machines on the day, reward is as high as ₱6,888!

Important Notice:

As long as you win more than x50 multiple the bet in a single game, you will receive additional bonuses, and you can withdraw money with only 3 times the turnover.

For example: If you place a single bet of ₱10 and the winning amount is or above, you are eligible to apply for the extra

Promotion Rules:

1. Eligible bets order must be submitted to the online customer service line within 24 hours to apply. Any bets that exceed the deadline will be considered abandoned.

2. Provide the username, order number, and winning time to the customer service for application.

How To Claim:

1.Please contact our LiveChat Customer Service

2. Only applicable to JILI, FC, PG  slot machines, other games do not participate in this event.

3. Each member can only apply once per day. If multiple betting orders are generated on the same day, only one bet will be valid and the remaining bets order will be invalid.

4. Any purchase of slot machine free games and profitable bets generated in free games, as well as the bet amount less than

5. First deposit promotion does not participate in this event.

ø Please contact our LiveChat Customer Service

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All slots bets will count toward the total bet required. And all placed bets and canceled bets will not be counted towards the total number of valid bets.
  2. This company has the ability to change, modify and cancel any promotions or conditions at any time, especially in group or syndicate games, without the consent of the members.
  3. Only one account per player is allowed. No same IP address, Bank Account, and Contact Number allowed. Players who have multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be qualified for this promotion.
  4. All promotions, terms and conditions are subject to the knowledge of